Magnetics Division

For nearly 30 years Huron Valley Steel has been designing and manufacturing eddy current separators. Our family of eddy current separators efficiently remove non-ferrous metals from non-metallics at automobile shredders, municipal solid waste incinerators, landfills or any other site where these metals are present. And as one of the world’s largest end-users of eddy current equipment, Huron Valley Steel provides customers unique hands-on expertise in the use and maintenance of eddy current systems.

MARK V – The patented rotor design of our Mark V creates a strong and deep magnetic field. This combination of strong and deep magnetic fields makes the Mark V the perfect system for facilities with higher volume needs. Our Mark V system is available in three operating widths – 32”, 48” and 60”.

MARK IV – The Mark IV system, available in 32” an 48” working widths, is ideal for operators with lower volumes of regular sized material or those interested in separating small material. The conventional head-pulley design allows maximum interaction between the material and the magnetic field while the tough outer shell minimizes required maintenance.