A Leader in Non-Ferrous Metals Processing

Since 1961 Huron Valley Steel Corporation has been a technological leader in the recycling industry. Long before recycling became a global concern, Huron Valley Steel was researching and developing systems to increase metal recovery and reduce waste stream volumes. Our many pioneering breakthroughs have made Huron Valley Steel an industry leader in the recovery and recycling of nonferrous metals.

Each year Huron Valley Steel processes close to a billion pounds of material from automobile shredder operators. The metals recovered include aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and stainless steel. This metal, which in the past was sent to landfills, provides an economical alternative to extracting and processing metal bearing ores.

Headquartered in Trenton, Michigan, Huron Valley Steel operates recovery and recycling facilities in Belleville, Michigan and Anniston, Alabama. We also have a joint-venture operation, HVF West, located in Tucson, Arizona.

Our Mission

"We are motivated by the knowledge that the Earth's resources are finite. We are dedicated to seeking and implementing ways of reclaiming and recycling all that mankind uses and casts aside. We are driven to our task by the conviction that the bounty of this Earth is but a loan...not to be consumed but, rather, to be shared with all future generations."

Leonard Fritz

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